Within Arm's Reach

an original adaptation of the novel by Ann Napolitano

Three generations of women in an Irish American family, find themselves at pivotal times in their lives where every decision is fraught with consequence. When unmarried, 29-year-old Gracie discovers that she is pregnant, her decision to keep the baby affect her entire family, particularly her younger sister, Lila and their grandmother, Catharine. 


Bella's Dream

a play with dance written by Dana Boll

BELLA’S DREAM tells the tale of a newlywed couple in 1939 Poland who are waned in a dream to leave the only home they have ever known. While on the run, they find themselves traveling thousands of miles, through the wilds of Siberia to the deserts of Uzbekistan, meeting Eskimos, Gypsies, prisoners, and refugees along the way. 


In The Ebb

at the NYC International Fringe Festival

IN THE EBB was an evening of one-acts exploring themes of loss, love, fear, and strength. No matter what you do your demons are with you. Alicia loses everything but fears getting more. Emily has everything but fears losing it all. One can’t move, the other can’t stand still but both are stuck in the ebb.


Jane Austen's Persuasion

an original adaptation by Laura Bultman

This lesser-known Austen novel follows the Elliot family, in particular middle daughter Anne Elliot, and her relationship with the dashing Captain Frederick Wentworth.


Full Disclosure

by Ruth McKee

A one-woman interactive show staged as an actual open house, FULL DISCLOSURE is the story of a very pregnant real estate broker, Sunny Smith, and her increasingly more desperate attempts to sell her listing by revealing everything she can about the house…and its realtor.


Skin Flesh Bone

by Camilla Ammirati, developed and staged by the GTTP Ensemble

“Words are the ocean, fine, but they were never meant to be the boat.” SKIN FLESH BONE is the story of two poets, two builders, and the bridge — or is she an oracle — between them. 


Dreamers of the Day

an original adaptation of the novel by Mary Doria Russell

Egypt, 1921 — Lawrence of Arabia. Winston Churchill. Woodrow Wilson…and Agnes Shanklin? On the eve of the Cairo Peace Conference, a lonely American heiress, survivor of the 1918 flu pandemic, finds herself the confidant of diplomats and the target of the attentions of a possible German spy.



by David Caudle

In Colonial Boston, a young painter gets his first big gig: the portrait of a wealthy Loyalist’s spoiled daughter. When the two are left without an escort, the girl lets her elaborate powdered hair down, and the artist discovers that there is more to the job, and the girl, than meets the eye…and he is more than a bit out of his league.