Farm Story

an independent TV pilot written/directed/produced by Jessica Ammirati & Terri Viani

Mired in debt and other middle-class disasters, an emotionally moth-eaten forty-year old NYC writer, her unemployed husband and his disabled brother cut and run for supposedly greener pastures in “fairy-tale” small-town Station Stop, Virginia, only to find themselves accidentally living on an old farm in the sticks of Virginia, in a town called Chicken, instead.

Clip 1

Clip 2


Skin Flesh Bone

directed by Jessica Ammirati

SKIN FLESH BONE integrates the stories of several people trying to find their way clear of the experiences and expectations, of the words and failures of words, that have held them back. They search for their voices, writing poetry not only with their pens, but with their silences and their actions. By the end of the movie each character has gone on the journey to which the title refers, delving one at a time through the layers of how things seem and how things are: the superficial impression of skin, the rich complication of flesh, and the bare truth of bones.


The Jane Games

directed by Jessica Ammirati

A web series in which Jane Austen and her characters abandon pride and good sense to compete on a modern day reality show.